14/04/2021 10:30AM - 15/04/2021 12:00PM
REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN - Online training APRIL 14 & 15

This session takes place over three modules, over two days (April 14 & 15). This session is designed for Catholic Church Authorities (bishops, leaders of religious institutes, trustees of ministerial PJPs), accompanied by members of their leadership teams. PLEASE NOTE - this session is a requirement under the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (Indicator 5.3.2) - if you have completed this session in 2019 or in 2020, you do not need to repeat, unless you are new in a leadership role or have moved to a leadership role in a different entity. Please feel free to contact us via info@cpsltd.org.au if you need to clarify.

04/05/2021 10:00AM - 05/05/2021 12:00PM
REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN- Online training MAY 4 & 5

*Please note this session was originally advertised as taking place on May 3 & 4 - as May 3 is a public holiday in Queensland, this session has been changed to May 4 & 5* This session takes place over three modules, over two days (May 4 & 5). This session is intended for those in operational roles across Church entities, those with key safeguarding responsibilities within the scope of their role and any interested in learning more about the Standards and how to improve safeguarding practices within Church entities. This session is specifically for Category 1 Church entities who work with children.