Standard two

Children are safe, informed and participate

Children are informed about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously

2.1 Children are able to express their views and are provided with opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

2.1.1    The Church entity includes the views of children in the development of safeguarding policies, strategies and when making decisions.

2.1.2    The Church entity ensures children are made aware of their right to be safe from abuse and are informed whom to contact if they have concerns.

2.1.3    Church personnel effectively engage with children and encourage their participation.

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2.2 The importance of friendships is recognised and support from peers is encouraged, helping children feel safe and less isolated.

2.2.1    The Church entity informs children of their role and responsibilities to help build a safe environment for all children.

2.2.2    The Church entity has an anti-bullying policy and guidance on expected and acceptable behaviour of children towards other children.

2.2.3    Church personnel promote and use positive behaviour management strategies when dealing with children’s inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour.

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2.3 Where relevant to the setting or context, children are offered access to sexual abuse prevention programs and information.

2.3.1    The Church entity establishes links and develops good working relationships with statutory child protection and/or child abuse prevention services to keep children safe.

2.3.2    Appropriate to the context, the Church entity delivers protective behaviours programs.

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2.4 Church personnel are attuned to signs of harm and facilitate child-friendly ways for children to communicate and raise their concerns.

2.4.1    Church personnel have the knowledge, skills and awareness to identify potential signs of harm and actively support children to raise any concerns.

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