Standard two

Children are safe, informed and participate

Children are informed about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously

2.1 Children are informed about their rights, including safety, information and participation.

2.1.1 The entity has age-appropriate strategies to proactively:

  • engage with children;
  • seek children's views;
  • consult children about decisions that affect them; and
  • consult children about what makes them feel safe and how this can be recognised and implemented by the entity.

2.1.2 The entity ensures children are made aware of their rights, including their right to be safe from abuse, and are informed whom to contact if they have concerns about their safety or the safety of their peers.

support materials

2.2 The importance of friendships is recognised and support from peers is encouraged, helping children feel safe and less isolated.

2.2.1 The entity provides children with age-appropriate information about safe and respectful peer relationships, including through social media.