Standard nine

Continuous improvement

Entities regularly review and improve implementation of their systems for keeping children safe

9.1 The Church entity regularly reviews and improves child safeguarding practices.

9.1.1     The Church entity has a clearly documented Child Safeguarding Action Plan which outlines the monitoring and continual improvement of child safeguarding practices.

9.1.2     The human and/or financial resources necessary for implementing the Child Safeguarding Action Plan are made available.

9.1.3    The Child Safeguarding Action Plan is regularly reviewed, progress is tracked and actions/strategies updated.

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9.2 The Church entity analyses complaints to identify causes and systemic failures to inform continuous improvement.

9.2.1     Processes are in place to perform root cause analysis of individual incidents/complaints relating to child safety.

9.2.2     Processes are in place to facilitate theme and trend analysis to identify systemic issues or patterns, and drive continuous improvement.

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