Standard nine

Policies and procedures support child safety

Policies and procedures document how the Church entity is safe for children

9.1 Policies and procedures address National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.

9.1.1     All relevant policies and procedures reference appropriate safeguarding approaches, requirements and responsibilities.

9.2 Policies and procedures are accessible and easy to understand.

9.2.1     Policies and procedures are readily available and accessible to Church personnel.

9.3 Best practice policy models and stakeholder consultation inform the development of policies and procedures.

9.3.1     The Church entity has a process in place to develop and review its policies and procedures. This includes consulting with and incorporating advice from experts, children, families, carers and communities, and applying best practice.

9.4 The Church Authority and leadership team model compliance with policies and procedures.

9.4.1    The Church Authority and leadership team promote and enact all policies and procedures and establish processes to monitor compliance.

9.5 Church personnel understand and implement the policies and procedures.

9.5.1    The use of relevant policies and procedures is embedded in all Church activities.