The first draft of the second edition of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards was published in July 2020 after a nine-month development phase assisted by a National Reference Group. Survey and online live consultations were conducted following the release of the first draft. These consultations heard from 128 representatives from a broad range of entities and ministries of the Catholic Church in Australia. Facilitated sessions with survivors of sexual abuse and their advocates were also conducted.

Draft Two as it is now presented has responded to the considerable feedback obtained during the consultation phase and has been reviewed by the National Reference Group, the Board of Catholic Professional Standards Ltd and the Board of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd. This draft is now published to support briefing meetings with interested Church Authorities prior to adoption under the terms of the ACSL Constitution later in 2021.

NB: This second draft of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Edition Two has been released prior to final adoption by the Catholic Church in Australia for briefing purposes only.

Read Draft Two, National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Edition Two.