As CPSL prepares to launch the historic National Catholic Safeguarding Standards, Church leaders are invited to engage in vital training that will provide them with a better understanding of the gravity of the Standards and implications for the services which operate in their jurisdictions.

CPSL CEO, Sheree Limbrick said the training will develop a clear understanding of Church Authorities’ responsibilities in relation to safeguarding generally, their responsibilities under the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards specifically and the detail and processes of the CPSL Audit and Reporting Framework.

“This session specifically for bishops and religious leaders is an introduction and has a particular focus on governance, responsibilities and leadership,” Ms Limbrick said.


Introductory Session for Leaders

This full-day session is specifically for bishops, leaders of religious institutes and trustees of ministerial PJPs. They may wish to be accompanied by members of their leadership teams.

It is a requirement of the Standards that all Church Authorities who have signed a CPSL Service Agreement participate in the training within four months of commencement.

Who should attend?
All Church Authorities

  • Bishops, Archbishops, Eparchs, Ordinaries of dioceses, eparchies and personal prelatures
  • Provincials, Leaders, Superiors of religious institutes
  • Trustees of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons

Given the diversity of structures and resources within Catholic entities, attendees accompanying a Church Authority may vary from entity to entity.  Here are some suggested attendees.

  • Safeguarding/Professional Standards Directors/Managers/Coordinators
  • Business Managers/Finance Administrators
  • Elected members of religious institute leadership team
  • Vicars general or other vicars
  • Chancellors
  • Boards of management

How many representatives should attend?
Five (5) registrations are available for every Church Authority (one for themselves and four other representatives).

When and Where?
Eight sessions have been scheduled from February to June 2019 in various capital cities across Australia.  More dates for the remainder of 2019 will be released in due course.

The following dates are now open for registration on the CPSL website

Wednesday 20 March

Wednesday 20 February
Thursday 7 March
Wednesday 5 June

Wednesday 22 May

Wednesday 6 February                              
Wednesday 3 April                                    
Wednesday 1 Wednesday 1 May                  

How much does it cost?
Five registrations from any one Church Authority are free.

Entities wishing to send more than five representatives will be charged a per head participant fee of $350 (GST exclusive).



For more information call 1300 603 411


Catholic Professional Standards Ltd was established by the leadership of the Catholic Church during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to develop national safeguarding standards, to audit the compliance of Church Authorities with those standards and to publicly report the results. CPSL is functionally independent of the Church.