Catholic Professional Standards Ltd is a company set up by the Catholic Bishops and leaders of Catholic Religious Institutes in Australia to establish national safeguarding standards to be observed by Church entities. 

At its meeting on Friday 20 July, the Board of CPSL discussed the recent conviction of the Archbishop of Adelaide.  In light of the purpose for which CPSL has been established, the Board decided to issue a statement concerning the course to be adopted when a Church leader is convicted of a criminal offence.

In the Board's view, where a Church leader is convicted of a criminal offence the conduct involved will almost always be inconsistent with the leader remaining in their position.  Where the offence concerns failure to safeguard children, the position is clear cut - the person should either resign or be removed from the leadership position, regardless of whether there is an appeal on foot.  

The Board is of the view that this position is also consistent with community expectations of any person in a leadership position.

The Hon. Geoffrey Giudice AO