What is the Schedule 2?

The Schedule 2 is a document which provides CPSL with demographic information about your entity  - including the size of your entity, the nature of its ministries, locations where you operate and how many members or parishes you have.

Your Schedule 2 eventually forms part of the Service Agreement with CPSL to undertake a safeguarding audit.

Completing the Schedule 2 is the first step is the first step in developing the Service Agreement. Your completed Schedule 2 document allows us to determine the size, scope, cost and category of an audit.  Often, when entities ask CPSL if they are a Category 1 entity (working with children), Category 2 entity (contact with children) or a Category 3 entity (no contact with children), it is the completed Schedule 2 document that allows us to confirm the categorisation and determine the number of Indicators under the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards against which your entity will be audited.

The Schedule 2 document asks you about:

# members in your entity

# staff

# locations

types of ministries, etc.

How do I get the Schedule 2?

Letters were sent to all Church Authorities in the middle of 2019 with links to a range of documents, including the Schedule 2.  If you haven't yet accessed these documents, give us a call or email and we will send you the Schedule 2 document which you will need to complete and send back to us.

Tips for completing the Schedule 2

  • Answer the applicable questions on the form in as much detail as possible.
  • As there are a range of Catholic entities operating in Australia, we will either send you a form to complete as a diocese or eparchy or another form to complete as a religious institute or institute of apostolic life, so the form will be somewhat tailored for your entity.
  • Particularly important when completing your Schedule 2 is that you clearly list out the ministries that are performed by your entity in as much detail as possible.
    • For example, if you are a diocese and have ‘youth office’ listed as a ministry, be more specific – if your youth ministry consists of a weekly musical meet up with students from year 7-10, please tell us this!
    • For religious institutes, please list out the different types of ministries conducted by your members. This includes even when the ministry is conducted in a volunteer or part-time capacity, and also if the ministry is conducted by your members for another organisation, for e.g. assistance with the sacramental program in a parish or volunteering at St Vincent de Paul etc.

What happens when I’ve completed the Schedule 2 for my entity?

Once you have completed the Schedule 2 and send it back to us, CPSL will scope out the audit and prepare a fee and time estimate. This will then be discussed with you prior to preparing the Service Agreement.

Demystifying audit

Step 2: Executing the Service Agreement

Step 3: The audit phase

To begin discussing a safeguarding audit with CPSL and to obtain a copy of the Schedule 2, please contact Tania Stegemann, Director of Compliance – tania@cpsltd.org.au or call 1300 603 411.